Monday, December 5, 2011

Things from the Weekend.

I celebrated my 27th birthday last week, and it was a grand day!  It was a really wonderful weekend, actually. 

Went on a long walk with the pups, and took a few last shots of my favorite time of year.  {am I the only one still desperately clinging to the last bits of Autumn?} I'm so sad to see it leave.

My friend Christina took me to a used book store, {on Base} so all the books were in ENGLISH!  I bought just a few.

And just as I was driving back home, a met a man in our driveway holding a BEAUTIFUL floral arrangement in his hands.  From my parents :)

'Pretty' is rarely a sufficient word for such blooms.

Mom Ogden sent this absolutely adorable apron a few days ago.  I've actually never owned an apron!  Well, I'm in love with this cute thing. {It's so darling that I almost don't want to get it dirty!}

A few other weekend activities:  Going to Metz, France Christmas Market.  I have to was a little bit of a let-down.  With the exception of the ferris wheel.  
Ate stuffed mushrooms, à la Dani:

 Nom nom.

And played a serious game of Texas Hold 'em.

So it was a really fun and full weekend.  

Our friends are our family over here.  I hate to see some of them moving on and leaving, but these are the friends that we'll have for a lifetime!