Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pretty Pink Weekend.

Last Saturday (yes, I'm a week behind in getting this post up) we went to the Mandelblütenfest, in the beautiful Weinstrasse.  Friends who live in Neustadt, invited us for snacks and drinks before heading out to the festival.

Oh, I suppose you're wondering what Mandelblütenfest is, right?  That would be, the Almond Blossoms Festival.  

So, pink trees were everywhere.  It was a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, strolling through the little town of Gimmeldingen...the day truly could not have been any better!  And on top of that, we spent some quality time with dear friends.  

 Similar to most German Festivals, the candied nuts, ice cream, and handcrafted goods were present! 

These almonds were wayyy too good.  

Have you ever seen a dog walking in a straight line, and all of the sudden, it's like an invisible string pulls its nose towards the direction of something wonderful smelling?  (or in the case of last week's blog, it's not always something wonderful smelling.)  Well, you get what I'm trying to say.  
That was me when my nostrils caught the smell of sugary goodness from roasting almonds in melted sugar.  

 And the ice cream man was there!

 I was tempted to buy one of these little hens, which were filled with lovely lavender and herbs.

We stopped and stared at the this fellow rubbing sand, clay, mud, or something from the earth, all over his face and chest.  I suppose in the sun it dried and created the look a life-size statue.

 Oh.  I forgot.  THIS also smelled amazing.  

 I'm noticing an unintentional trend going on here!  Smells of Springtime is what I should have titled this!  Blossoming trees, candied almonds, lavender pouches, rotisserie meat.  Goodness, my nose was having a hay-day last Saturday!

And so was this little pup's nose!  Poor little guy couldn't help but reach as far as possible to catch of whiff of those smells.

Of course, there's a Wine King and his Princesses, and since the Mandelblütenfest is the kick-off of the Wine Festival Season, the king and his court of royal beauties was seen out and about.   

 Now THAT is a wine GOBLET.

The day was coming to an end, so we headed back.  I had to laugh, because little Jazzy was working on that ice cream cone for a long time.  

AND, this girl knows how to work the camera!  She's always aware of where the camera is, and is always ready with a smile.

Parking was basically, ANYwhere along these beautiful vineyards.  I can't wait to see this area in the late summer.  

Melissa had these delightful little cookies at the house.  She found them at the bakery near their house.  They're meant to resemble the Almond Blossoms!  How cute!

When the sun was setting, we took a short drive up to the Hambach Castle, and saw this incredible view of Neustadt.  I kind of forgot to take a picture of the castle.  It was cool, like always!

So, it ended up being a really great weekend.  I kept saying to myself, "We are so blessed" to be where we are right now;  the opportunities to see such unique festivals, castles, cultures, and traditions...God is so good, and we just can't stop thanking him for these memorable times.  

Thanks for reading, friends! 

Come visit us, and we'll show you the beauty of Germany!  We'd love to have you.  

Have a Happy Palm Sunday tomorrow!

-the Ogdens

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