Friday, August 26, 2011

I have signed up.

So I've finally decided to do this.  I am officially a blogger now, never thought I'd be one to be sincere.  But, to explain and share my thoughts on all of my life in Stambach, would be quite impossible without this.  Yes, Facebook is great for sharing photos and experiences, but I suppose a blog is getting a little more personal.  And I'm okay with that!  As long as you are.  Don't worry, nothing more than photos and my simple life will be seen here; I pray this doesn't bore you all to death.  I find that God presents such perfect and interesting photo opportunities my way, that I must tell the stories behind them!  So, here goes a trial that is long overdue.  I remain loyal to Facebook also...can't say enough about the general ease of communicating with it.  

Plums.  I had a LOT of them, given (more like relieved of) by some friends.  Their tree was loaded with these purple gems.  So a bucket full I had, and knowing pies and cakes would only add to our waistlines, I decided on attempting plum butter.  (and I am still in denial about how much sugar really is in the recipe)

 Cinnamon and nutmeg please!

It is Thanksgiving explosion in my mouth.  Amazing.

And, while waiting for the brew to boil down, I take a peek outside and discover why so many of my apples have puncture wounds.

 Caught red-handed.  Bad mongrel!

 Wrigley watching his brother eating the forbidden fruit.

Green grasshopper was hanging out with Nate.  I shall never fear these springy insects, there's something friendly and cheery about these little guys.  Most will argue that, but being a country, I consider them my friends.

It's quite clear that even this tiny bug has a Creator, especially when you can see the details and precision on it's body; so I am humbled and yet proud to say that the same Creator cares for me and my (slightly larger that Grasshopper's) life.

More to come.  We'll see how this "grand trend of blogging" plays out!

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  1. That's awesome, my Dear! I wish I was there to have a big slice of bread and some plum butter with you! Hugs and kisses to Boomer and Wrigley too!