Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Germans. And Water.

I LOVE baptism services.  Big time.  Our church had one this past Sunday, and it was such a celebration, I've thought about it all week.  I had the privilege to view it through my camera's lens; it was fun hiding behind reeds while snapping shots of these 5 amazing men and women of faith.  Just hearing their testimonies, and seeing their devotion and love for God, kept my eyes moist throughout the morning.  Nate and I were the only Americans there, and singing along in our broken bits of "German-glish", felt a little bit of what I think Heaven will be like! Here's a couple collages of the pictures I took that day.

I was reminded of my baptism, in 1996; it was such a life-changing event for me, and I know it was for these people too.  Singing "I have decided to Follow Jesus" at Glendale church...definitely a memory never to forget.

Making your faith known in such a way as baptism, is a major event!  Seeing the expressions on their faces was priceless...there was SO much joy in the air.  Needless to say, we had a very happy day on Sunday.  We really love our little church in Ramstein! 


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  1. I love these pics Christine! You picked up some awesome shots : ) I love that they are outdoors! We should tell Pastor Rob back home he needs to do baptisms in the Mississippi!!