Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Permanent Chalkboard

Every time I visit a home decor wesite or my all-time favorite Vivaterra, I remember how badly I want a large CHALKBOARD.

You know, the kinds you see in sweet little kitchens, bistros and cafes.

Then I notice the price, and consider making my own or just living without.  Choosing the latter, I hadn't thought about searching for one in a while.  And to be sincere, I had serious doubts that I'd use the blackboard as often as a Schoolmarm or menu-planning Sous Chef.  

However, new inspiration has come along!  Psalm 1 is one of those chapters in the Bible that can (and should!) form a family's lifestyle.  Who would want to erase that off a chalkboard?!

So I painted it on.

On canvas, of course.  


"firmly planted" is my favorite part of this verse.

Yesterday while walking Boomer and Wrigley I walked through a grove of apple trees, chock-full of fruit.  Delicious, white fleshed, red veined apples.  Of course, all within arm's reach, the tree had been plucked clean of apples.  I wasn't the only one enjoying it!  Well, I was reminded of this part of the verse...clearly, these trees were solid.  Planted firmly.  Producing (very tasty) fruit.

And I so want to be like that!

A firmly grounded, strong rooted, fruit producing family.
So, I'm glad I can't erase this one...it's a daily reminder for me to plug into God's Word, and glean the most out of Scripture.

So, that was my weekend project.

Thought I'd add one picture in which Boomer insisted on being in.  This is his after-dinner routine...sniffing for crumbs on the kitchen floor.  Never fails.  Every single night.  A little distortion going on in this shot, but it's classic Boomer, and I thought you all might enjoy it :)

Have a beautiful weekend, friends!  


  1. Love, love, LOVE this idea! And you did such a great job with the painting!! I adore the style of the letters & AMEN to the verse. :)

  2. Great idea!! hmmm...I might steal it ; ) Did you use stencils for the letters? So cool : )

  3. Thanks friends :) Sarah-no stencils! Just freehand, which was way easy since I was going for a jumbled look.