Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Pumpkin Weekend.

Last Saturday AND Sunday, we went to the Kürbis Fest in Hitscherhof. We got a taste of pumpkin cake and spiced apple wine, and of course I left with a few hand-crafted goodies.  Friends, Christina and Geoff and their 4 kids, (well, 5 if you count their 100 lb. Newfoundland dog) came along.  Made for a fun afternoon on Sunday!   

I'm discovering that the greatest things about traveling and visiting little events such as this one, is eating the food!  Local treats and's all amazing.  One must have a willing palate, and it has resulted in new tastes and culinary inspirations for me.

My favorite cake was a savory green pumpkin, coffee tort with a lemon icing. Yum.  I miss canned Libby's Pumpkin Puree, so I suppose if I'm motivated enough (which after this weekend I am) making my own pumpkin mash will need to be done.  

So, if any of you, my lovely readers, have delicious pumpkin dessert recipes, I'll take 'em!  I only have one recipe, from the Fabulous Natasha Koch Kitchen, and it's pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. I eat it all.  Down to the last crumb.  By myself.   

Okay!  Now drooling.  Rabbit trail, sorry.  Moving on, have a look at some pictures of the weekend.

I am in LOVE with anything and all things that have to do with owls.  I want my own Hedwig.  This one looks either sleep-dreprived, doped up, or very angry.  Either way, it made me laugh and is still dreadfully cute.  (Notice baby owl in lower left!  Eeee!)

And we couldn't figure out what this woolen thing was...a hat seemed the most appropriate, at the moment...

 It was all quite lovely!  Festive and fun, it put me in the mood for cozy cable sweaters, hot drinks, harvest time, and chilly nights.

I know it's midweek already, I apologize for the late posting.  But I just had to share some of the weekend with you!

Love you all so much,

(one random side note, I really like ivy.  This was too pretty!)

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