Tuesday, October 18, 2011

25 ways to wear a scarf.

With it being autumn, I wear a scarf nearly every single day.  Actually, the scarf-season is more like a year-round thing over here in Germany.  

I came across this really awesome video, maybe some of you have already seen it.

So fun!  Although your wallet might suffer, now you have 25 new looks.

I am really regretting not buying a few more from these stands in Israel!  I mean, look at these COLORS.  Color makes my eyes happy.

 So now, a visit to Ruche online shop is going to happen.

 I would have to say that the scarf, neck-wrap, shawl...whatever you call it, is Fashion's greatest and most versatile item.  Wouldn't you agree?   

I wish I could convince Nate to wear them.  He argues that a scarf is the farthest thing from 'manly'.  I totally disagree!

Well, I'm off to sort through my collection and maybe add to it.


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  1. great video, love it! i also love wearing scarfs and Sophie does too, so will be having fun trying all this ways in a rainy day!...great blog, love the way you write and your photos are amazing! keep up the great work, xxxx