Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apples + Sugar + Cinnamon = Mushy Deliciousness.

prononciation:  ap·fell·moose

Also know as APPLESAUCE.  

Last Sunday, wewent over to our friends' house and gave canning applesauce a first try.  

It was a team effort :)

And that is what I did today.  I peeled, chopped, boiled, canned, and sealed homemade Apfelmus, again.
{Thank you, to my sweet friend Christina who had the two apple trees in her yard.}

They were bubblin' and brewin' away!   My home smelled like mulled cider.  

Which is about as close to Apple Cider I'll get while over here in Germany.  
Haven't found jugs or jars or bottles of it anywhere. I am quite sad about that.  I mean, Germany comes up with Gluhwein (hot, spiced wine) but no cider?!    

Anyhoo, my friend Sarah brought over this massive electric canner, which was new to me.  Pretty nifty, actually.  Hinged, glass canning jar have to be cooked for 20 minutes in boiling water.  With the sauce in it already, lids closed and all.  All you have to do it dump water in the tub and let it do the work of sealing.  

{Isn't she so cute!}

And I really like the jars.  So cute and old-fashioned.  Much more practical than the boring old Mason jars.  Although, in summer time I chug cold lemonade out of those big boys.  I'm grateful for the 'meager five' 1 liter jars.  Also grateful that Nate isn't as in-love with applesauce as I am. So that means 


My german friends think I'm nuts for eating applesauce by the bowlful.  Generally, it's used alongside potatoes or some kind of sweet dessert.  {Really??  Potatoes.  Hmmm, might have to think about that one for a while.}  I'll be sticking to PLAIN applesauce, thank you very much.

Well, that was my day today...hope I haven't yet bored ya'll with my everyday doings.  I promise something a little more thrilling, next time.  Now go eat some applesauce.

Much Saucy Love,

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  1. I had a big bowl of Apfelmus today. Oh so yummy! Now that I know you made more.....maybe I should come over??? xoxo Jen